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The Way Out – Singles & Demos CD



The only compilation of The Way Out's recordings. Featuring  all the singles and 15 demo recordings available for the first time.

Track listing:

  1. Time Moves Us On
  2. Do I Have To Be Here
  3. This Working Way
  4. Just The Girl
  5. I'll Keep Walking On
  6. Today Is The Beginning
  7. Days Like This
  8. So Many Lives
  9. Someone That You Love
  10. In Our Dreams
  11. Every Single Day
  12. In Your Loneliness
  13. Dream-Life
  14. This Love Is Haunted
  15. (She's Got) Desire
  16. Not A Game
  17. Not Heaven, Just Memories
  18. Letting Go
  19. Love to See You
  20. It Keeps Us Shouting
  21. Alone With You